Talayuela Solar development of a photovoltaic project in Extremadura.


The project has been designed and promoted by the Genia Global Energy companies and has its financing guaranteed thanks to Solar Century.

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It has been declared «of public interest» by the City Council of Talayuela. The project has been designed to be a benchmark at the environmental level, integrating the latest generation technologies and construction techniques that minimize the impact on the land and fauna. The development of this project lays the foundations for the electrical generation of the future and opens the doors to the hope of a world without pollution. The project has been conceived with important environmental and technological values ​​and demonstrates that the production of photovoltaic solar energy is once again possible in Spain. The plant has been designed reducing to the maximum the constructive elements that do not contribute improvements in the yield and maximizing all the elements that improve the efficiency, optimize the construction, guarantee a high availability and allow an operation in real time and an optimum maintenance. These characteristics allow the plant total management of its energy and enable the possibility of going to the SPOT market (wholesale) and act as one more power plant, with the great difference of its fuel, which is the cleanest available in the planet.

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