genia golbal energy proyectos

We propose new models and technologies for the generation, use and management of energy which allow us to sustainably evolve as a society.

energía solar

The energy that changes the world…

Solar Photovoltaic Plant

Unlimited solar energy: solar photovoltaic energy to the spot market and the use of renewable energy for self-consumption. Read more

Genia solar energy


We apply high technology in the transformation of waste into energy: small-scale biogas, biogas, bio-refineries, biogas upgrading or solid urban waste. Read more

Genia bioenergy
bio energía biogás

Bioenergy, nature’s energy…

soluciones eficiencia energética

Energy efficiency with a sea of solutions

Energy efficiency

… for energy management and optimisation. Audits, analyses, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data applied to energy management are just a few possibilities. Read more

Genia energy solutions
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