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Genia Global Energy is involved with the highest growing trades of the next 30 years.


Genia’s businesses are grounded in

  • Decarbonisation.
  • Environmental sustainability.
  • Circular economy.

We understand and oversee all of the phases of a project..

We are the only engineering company in the market capable of unifying three large areas of a project: Technology, development and investment vehicles.


Biogas and biomethane renewable gases are the new energy vectors for decarbonising the gas network, treating water and valorising waste. To achieve these feats, they require circular economy models founded on bioenergy.

Genia Solar Energy

Solar energy is the most economical way to produce renewable energy and green hydrogen. Green hydrogen is expected to be the next energy revolution and will draw the highest investments in the coming years.

Genia Energy Solutions

High energy costs make energy efficiency, as well as new technologies, vital for smart industries.

Smart lighting is becoming a priority in energy efficiency measures for companies.

Genia Bioenergy

The art of transforming waste into energy


European Union Objectives

At the Glasgow Climate Summit (COP26) last Tuesday, the European Union (EU) and the United States launched a collective pledge to reduce methane emissions by 30% this decade.

The European biomethane map shows a 51% increase in biomethane plants in Europe (486 plants in 2018 to 729 in 2020).

2030 – Biogas and biomethane constitute a key energy vector in the decarbonisation process. The end of the fossil fuel era.

In the transport sector, the renewable energies quota is fixed at 14% for 2030. At least 3.5% of this quota will be advanced fuels (biomethane, among others). Additionally, the cut-off date for separate biowaste collection is set for 31 December 2023.

Measures to promote Renewable Gases:  Biomethane Roadmap.

Origin certification, developing the market and the procedures to access the grid. Objectives to reduce GHGs in the agriculture and livestock farming sectors, as well as in waste management.


EU: Double biogas production

Biomethane as a 2nd factor of climate change – emissions reduction objectives

Create GoO system

Biogas for self-supply – 45%

Biomethane – 55%

Spain has set to reduce 1990 emissions levels 23% by the year 2030, anticipating that wind energy will grow from 28 gigawatts (2020) to 50, whilst solar energy increases from 8.4 gigawatts (2020) to 39 in 2030.

In addition to the roughly 60 gigawatts of renewable energies introduced up to 2030, the ambitious objectives in the storage and green hydrogen roadmaps, as well as the new remuneration mechanisms approved as motivators to interest investors are also introduced.


Spain Objectives


Growth Potential

Genia Bioenergy has the power to cover the needs of the market and to contribute to the different decarbonisation objectives and the development of renewable gases market.

Agri-food sector companies

How far we can go:

  • Meat industry: companies 3.810
  • Dairy products: companies 1.560
  • Fishing industry: companies 627
  • Fruit and vegetable: companies 1.373
  • Beverages: companies 486

Genia Bioenergy Growth Potential


National Market


Bio developed

Agro-industrial sector

RDI Participants

Pilot plants
0 + 5 I+D

Utility Scale

Plants on promotion
0 > 15 M€


Projects in development

Genia Bioenergy

Genia Bioenergy Project: BIOLIVE

To obtain biogas from olive pulp, this subproduct must be digested in a digester. This project includes installing a biogas plant for self-supply, designed to scale and adapted to the needs of the client. Utilising the olive pulp, together with other substrates, to produce biogas in plants for self-supply aids in improving the environment.

Genia Bioenergy Project: BangalorePORT

This biogas plant is designed to digest biowastes and produce biomethane and electricity from them. The plant will process 15,000 tonnes of biowaste that this airport produces each year and will be capable of producing 2.25 million Nm3/year of renewable gas. This signifies 14,625 MWh of total energy, which will be used to generate electricity through a 500-kW engine generator and biomethane (CNG) to utilise in the airport’s vehicles.

Genia Bioenergy Project: VALDERROBRES

This projects, founded on a circular economy model, incorporates the complete process of production, management and sustainable valorisation of biowaste from the whole district. The plant is capable of managing up to 165,000 tonnes of waste annually, which will be converted into biogas and biofertilisers.

RDI Projects | Genia Bioenergy

Genia Bioenergy Project: Bio-Easycompost

Genia Bioenergy has developed this system to utilise digestates by reducing moisture and evaporating liquid digestate, resulting in a concentrated nutrient-rich liquid that can be reused in biogas plants to dilute the raw material added to the digester.

Genia Bioenergy Project: IoTBiogas

This project develops the online system for biogas plants that aim to optimise the anaerobic digestion process, maximising the production of biogas whilst maintaining the stability of the process.

Genia Solar Energy

We manage all the stages within the value chain
of a utility-scale solar energy project, Utility Scale.


European Union Objectives

The European Green Deal reflects the European Commission’s strategy to become carbon neutral by 2050 and to improve competitivity, severing economic growth from the over-exploitation of natural resources. The EU is investing more than €110 million in LIFE projects for the environment and climate throughout eleven countries. The capital will aid new large-scale environmental and climactic projects in eleven EU countries

Energy transition plays a vital role in the objective to achieve climate neutrality by 2050. This is due to the fact that energy, at present, is responsible for more than 75% of greenhouse gas emissions in the EU.

By 2035, more than 50% of electricity generated in the world will come from renewable sources, and as energy demand surges and renewable hydrogen gathers momentum, electricity consumption will increase as much as two-fold by 2050.

The amount of electricity in the energy consumption mix will grow from its current 19% to 30% by 2050, whilst hydrogen will represent a 40% increase in energy demand from 2035 to 2050.

Currently, Spain boasts just over 12 GW solar with the aim of 21.7 GW by 2025 and 39.1 GW by 2030. The 115 GW which have not been granted access at this time will be awarded by capacity tenders.

The RDL 23/2020 limited new requests of Access to the electric grid, imposing processing time periods for the existing requests.

The RD 1183/2020 regulated the possibility of capacity tenders that will be carried out throughout 2022.

Renewable hydrogen is a vital sustainable solution to decarbonise the economy. It is part of the solution to achieve climate neutrality by 2050 and develop innovative industrial value chains in Spain and in the EU, as well as a green economy with high added value.

Renewable hydrogen: generated from renewable electricity, utilising water as a source material, through the process of electrolysis. Also obtained through biogas reforming.

A 25% minimum contribution of renewable hydrogen is anticipated with respect to hydrogen consumed in 2030 (more than 4 GW power in electrolysers).


Objectives Spain


Growth Potential

Genia Solar has developed projects connected to the grid that entail a current market share of 2.5% of the power installed in Spain.

Growth Potential

The solar energy market currently boasts 115 GW that will awarded by capacity tenders. Solar energy companies will be able to submit a tender.

Genia Solar Energy Growth Potential

Currently, we participate in projects, with capacity access for a volume higher than 1 GW. At Genia, we can submit a capacity tender with the development of our own projects, projects in co-development and projects in promotion and development for third parties.

Genia Solar Energy Growth Potential


National Market

0 GW

GreenField projects

0 MW

BrownFiled projects

0 MW

Operation & PF

0 MW


Projects in development

Genia Solar Energy

Genia Solar Projects: 25/50 MW

7 projects in the pipeline, located in the Province of Valencia, injecting between 25 MW and 50 MW into the grid.

Genia Solar Projects: -10 MW

1 project in the pipeline, located in the Province of Castellón, injecting around 8 MW into the grid.

Genia Solar Projects: 37/140 MW

8 projects in the pipeline, located in the Province of Alicante, injecting between 37 MW and 140 MW into the grid.

Genia Solar Projects: 20/50 MW

2 projects in construction, located in the Autonomous Community of Extremadura, injecting between 20 MW and 50 MW into the grid.

Circular Economy Projects

We design our projects with sustainable and participatory energy models, implementing offsetting measures to protect the ecosystem.

Learn more at:

Genia Energy Solutions

Solutions for energy efficiency, IoT and resource valorisation.


European Union Objectives

The proportion of renewable energy sources and clean energy sources must increase drastically, whilst energy efficiency is improved. In the Horizon Europe Programme, legal entities from the EU and associated countries will be able to participate, and it has a budget of €95 billion. The Framework Programme has the highest budget to date.

Spain will receive up to €140 billion from Europe proportional to the European recovery fund. The capital will have an important application in the clean energy sector, as accelerating decarbonisation and improving competitivity in the industry are included in the EU priorities.

This indicates that there will be investments in green mobility, in renewable hydrogen, in biogas, in automation and digital management of electricity distribution networks and in RDI for marginally developed renewables, along with other projects.

Reducing the end energy intensity by between 1.6% and 2.2% annually, implementing energy efficiency measures:

This measure translates to initiatives for new construction, the rehabilitation of existing structures and new industrial processes. For these catalysts of decarbonisation to be effective, there must be a solid and flexible transition guaranteeing that long-term objectives are successfully fulfilled, adapting to technological evolution and costs.

We must be able to rely on all the technologies and energies available during this period to avoid risking the economic efficiency of the transition or the security of the supply.

Last December, the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge approved the Road Map for Self-Supply.

The document includes measures that contribute to the implementation of self-supply in the industrial and service sectors, amongst others, with the aim of improving industrial competitivity by reducing energy costs, developing the existing value chain and encouraging the search for new businesses.


Objectives Spain


Growth Potential

We have vast experience in importing technologies, as well as in designing and executing projects of varying complexity, transforming energy processes whilst seeking savings and energy efficiency. We work with large clients both on a national and international level, and we participate in several RDI projects associated with energy.


*We have a current capacity in 31 special projects, for a total of 900,000 m2. 134 projects with different technologies, for a total of 250,000 m2.

Genia Energy Solutions Growth Potential


National Market

Logistics sector m2
0 MM


loT different

loT installed

Smart LEDs

Energy saving

Installed projects
0 %


Projects in development

Genia Energy Solutions

Coca-Cola: Spain 2022 standardisation project

Coca-Cola European Partners incorporates LED smart lighting systems in the rest of the company facilities.

Bayer Cropscience Facilities

The incorporation of LED smart lighting and lighting control in the Bayer Cropscience facilities is finalised.

Construction for Americold in Barcelona

New build structure for Americold in Barcelona.

P3 Logistics Collaboration

P3 Logistics Collaboration in one of the PGI Villanueva warehouses.