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Energy for a
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Genia Global Energy is a business group specialised
in the renewable energy and energy efficiency sector.

Our Story

In 2010, Genia Global Energy is established with a capital of €600,000. Genia Global Energy operates in the Spanish and international markets. Le Diamant, Martinique - Saint Leger, France. - Talayuela Solar Dabar Ingenieros develops the largest industrial biogas plant in Europe.
In 2013, Genia Global Energy Solutions and Dabar Ingenieros join business synergies. Together, they create a joint project capable of offering a high-tech solution to develop renewable energies: Solar, bioenergy, energy efficiency.
In 2017, with the aim of leading in excellence, Grupo GeniaDabar creates 3 business areas: Genia Solar Energy - Genia Bioenergy - Genia Energy Solutions
In 2021, the group’s separate companies are established: Genia Solar Energy S.L. - Genia Bioenergy S.L. - Genia Energy Solutions S.L


Genia Solar Energy

Genia Energy Solutions

Nature, and particularly human nature, is designed for growth. We cannot change that. But in contrast to how we have done so over the last two centuries (since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution), we are now capable of returning to the natural model, one in which growth is circular and sustainable, allowing us to progressively abandon the production and disposal model.

We must decarbonise the energy model and utilise both available resources—natural and urban resources, waste from industry—as well as advances originating from the current technological revolution, so we can work within a smart model of sustainable development.

The world is crying out for a change, and we have the technologies, models and means to make it happen.

All organisations need to develop their energy models, because together, we can save the planet and improve the lives of all those who surround us.

Because together, we generate energy... for a sustainable evolution.


What do we believe?

We must decarbonise the energy model and utilise both available resources—natural and urban resources, waste from industry—as well as advances originating from the current technological revolution, so we can work within a smart model of sustainable development.


In 2010, Genia Global Energy is established with a capital of €600,000.
- Genia PROMOTES, CONSTRUCTS AND CONNECTS the Saint Leger 12 MW photovoltaic plant in France. This is the largest private PV plant built in France to date. - Genia receives the best Valencian business award in the international strategy category.
Genia Global is named the EXCLUSIVE DISTRIBUTOR of Digital Lumens in Spain.
The company promotes Talayuela Solar 300 MW with connection to the Spanish Electricity Grid (REE by its Spanish initials) at 400 kV, the first utility-scale solar project with PV tracking and string inverter.
- Dabar Ingenieros finalises construction in Ukraine of Europe’s largest biogas plant. 20 MW with single substrate. - The first Digital Lumens smart lighting system is installed successfully in the Port of Valencia. Importaco // Friopuerto
- Internationalisation: Genia Global installs smart lighting systems for the first time in Morocco and Portugal. - Internationalisation: Netherlands: Leeuwarden Project, Genia Global participates in the design of the first European project capable of digesting lignocellulose material.
- Start-up of the small biogas plant on the Agropal dairy farm (Hebron, Palestine). - We close an investment deal for the Talayuela Solar 300 MW project with the English group Solar Century.
IoT Industrial project installation begins in Coca-Cola European Partners, an 80,000 m2 space in Martorelles.
Named the Spanish representative of World Biogas Association.
- Promotes 1.3 GW PV projects, participates in 6 bioenergy R&D projects. - Awarded the best energy efficiency project in Spain for the Coca-Cola project.
- The group’s separate companies are established: Genia Solar Energy S.L. - Genia Bioenergy S.L. - Genia Energy Solutions S.L - Evercreech, a large plant with 5 biodigesters that will process 35,300 tons of agricultural waste per year and 60,500 tons of waste from more than 400 food industries, in addition to MSW (Municipal solid waste). 2021: Awarded second prize in innovation at the Renewable Gas Trade Fair: Logistics process, storage and renewable gas generation using rice straw, developed by Genia Bioenergy.

Leading the way

Genia speaks to the talent of people who want to help change the world.

Genia Global Energy’s greatest asset are the people who work there, as they are one of the keys to developing our plans and fulfilling our strategic objectives. We are committed to flexibility and speed when making decisions, so we try to establish straightforward organisational structures that offer autonomy.

Studies and Business Development

Our studies and business development team has experience executing and designing projects for large clients, both in Spain and globally.

The studies we perform allow us to design, plan and optimise the processes of a plant with the aim of reaching maximum quality and performance.

In the BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT, we perform feasibility studies and cost-benefit analyses, develop conceptual engineering, and offer process engineering, permitting, cost engineering, supplier and procurement management, and investment assistance management, adding value and accompanying our clients through each step of the process.

We aim to offer the best solution to guarantee operations and maximum performance from the project economically, sustainably and socially.

Tech and Engineering

We design, implement and construct the best solution for the client.

The engineering team participates in the projects, taking the utmost care of the details in installation, guaranteeing plant operation and performance.

Our success primarily lies in the vast experience of our team, in our professional record creating biogas plants and in our knowledge of the sector.

We consider all aspects related to the security and management of our projects. During production, we perform preliminary studies and tracking analyses in the biogas plants that we build to ensure their correct execution.

Our projects are distinguished for offering “turnkey” service, which ensures every construction process from the first stage to its delivery.

Marketing and Strategy

Genia Global’s marketing department identifies, plans and implements diverse campaigns for each line of business.

Our most strategic area is in analysing and studying the evolution of markets, especially the trends and market evolution of renewable energies.

We establish a tactic plan that allows us to implement defined strategies, and through KPIs, we analyse the results.

Digital marketing is the application of communication and advertising strategies carried out through digital channels.

Additionally, we developed the Inbound campaigns that strive to position the brand and capture leads.

Internal communication is a fundamental pillar in our department. We maintain an active dialogue in our organisation, communicating ethically with transparency.

We have an expert team in the area of communication that writes the content for internal and external media.

We manage the content of our different websites, blogs and social media accounts, as well as our relationship with the media and press.

Policies for Attracting and Developing Talent

At Genia Global, we want to rely on the best professionals, offering them a stable and high-quality work environment.

We offer career paths that allow both experienced professionals and young talent to advance professionally within a framework of learning, innovation, growth and continual improvement of professional development.

Compensation and Recognition Policy

At Genia Global, we recognise talent and as a result, our compensation and recognition policy is based on compensating and recognising the contribution of each of our employees.

We want the contributions of all of our team members at Genia Global to be rewarded, and we strive to ensure that each person feels like they can grow, both economically and professionally, with their contribution to the project.

Equality, Diversity and Balance Policies

We believe in talent, and we want our team to be made up of the best professionals, without restricting any group and welcoming the diversity provided by the best talent.

For this reason, at Genia Global, we employ professionals of diverse ages, races and nationalities… taking only professionalism and talent into consideration.


Choose a job you like and you will never have to work a day in your life.


Benchmarks in the renewable energy of renewable energies

Genia has participated at iENER’18 and ’19, Expobiomasa, Green Gas Mobility 20 and 21, COP21, Advance Factories and renewable energy conferences.


Demonstrated Trust

It is not only what we do and how we do it, but for whom we do it. At Genia, we work with the sector’s leaders.

How is such a small company capable of working with such large businesses?

Thanks to our talent, which provides value to the largest companies. Genia Global Energy provides value to the most important companies in the world.

Companies that have placed their trust in us.

We work with the leaders in each strategic sector.

Developing different Industrial IoT projects successfully. Sectors where we have a presence:

  • Pharmaceuticals: Dermofarm, Bayer.
  • Beverages: Coca Cola, Estrella Levante.
  • Food distribution: Nestlé, Idilia Foods, Mars, Platos Tradicionales, Arrocerías Pons.
  • Industry: Schneider, Celestica, Hega, Globalia, Americold.
  • Automotion: Lisi Automotive.
  • Wineries: Murviedro.
  • Industrial refrigeration /Logistics: Friopuerto, JGh.
  • Waste Management: EMAYA.
  • Utility: Enagás, Endesa, Naturgy.
  • Water: Suez.
  • Agri-food waste: Blázquez, Tuero.