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The Next Level

We believe in a different approach to renewable energy generation and we want to change the way people think about energy use, harnessing, and management.

We propose new models and technologies for energy generation, use and management, which enable society to move forward together in a sustainable way.

There are times in life when you want to evolve and move away from obsolete models. There are times when you have to build, develop and improve the system you are working on, with the main objective of providing solutions and optimising resources, hence increasing profitability.

At this time, if you could, you would search the world over, testing all the available technologies to be able to choose the most efficient and best option in your case. Unfortunately, this is not normally possible.

However, Genia Global Energy provides you with the most advanced and tested technologies: Spot Market Generation, Photovoltaic Self-consumption, Storage, Bioenergy, Energy Management, Small-scale Biogas Self-consumption, Smart Lighting, IoT, Branch Circuit Monitoring, and AI Machine Learning are our fields of expertise.


Every day we find new ways of solving old problems in countries such as the USA, China, Iceland, France, Ukraine, Palestine, Netherlands, Hungary, Romania, Spain, Italy, Chile, South Korea, Morocco and Finland.

Clients like Coca Cola, Gas Natural Fenosa, Nestlé, Loreal, Celestica, Bayer, Schneider Electric Software, SolarCentury, Longsol, Carmencita, Cartonajes Torralba, Conlogika, Cemento La Union, Cobopa, Contenur, Delibreads Europe, Dermofarm, Eda Instalaciones Y Energia, Elecnor, Emaya, Estrella De Levante, Friopuerto, Frissul, Idilia Foods, Importaco, Inelbo Eiffage, Jguillen, Kellogg’S, Lisi Automotive Knipping, Murviedro Bodegas, Mars, Platos Tradicionales, Qila Energy Biogas, Suministros Medina, Inderen, Aljuan sl Hega Hogar, Arrocerias Pons, and Bellsola are already using our technology. They know that there is a new way to understand energy.

Let us take your company to the next level: THE NEXT LEVEL

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Value proposal

Why Genia?

Genia is your partner for energy efficiency. We bring you the most advanced technology from anywhere in the world.

Our motto: “The Next Level”, defines our commitment with the customer to reach superior goals.

For what purpose?

  • To grow, innovate and be profitable, all within the framework of sustainable development, using available resources to improve quality of life without undermining environmental quality.
  • To provide efficient energy solutions at an accessible cost.
  • To be a benchmark business group in the renewable energy sector and to constantly improve the degree of efficiency and competitiveness.
  • To contribute to the gradual replacement of fossil fuels by renewable energy sources.
  • To design, build and promote power generation plants with renewable technologies.

How do we do it?

  • High technology
    We select the technology that brings the most value to our customers.
  • Passion and commitment
    We give the best of ourselves with intensity and enthusiasm.
  • Renewable energies
  • We are committed to development that ensures the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

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Our trip around the world

Genia Global Energy was created by Genia and Dabar, a team of energy engineers specialising in renewable energies who grew professionally as entrepreneurs through experience in all levels of the energy sector, from engineering to promotion.

We have completed international projects of diverse complexity, gaining extensive experience in implementation, designs, projects and studies for major domestic and international customers. We are a benchmark company in the energy industry, thanks to our proven professionalism.

At Genial Global Energy, we believe that renewable energies bring people together, they connect us with nature, they are the driving force of mankind, and help us to evolve as a society.

Join us on this trip around the world and through technology in a quest to find the tools needed to reach “The Next Level”.

Please contact us if you have anything to share.

  • 2010

    Genia Global Energy is set up with a share capital of 600 000 € by a professional, experienced team in the energy industry with a global and groundbreaking corporate vision.

  • 2010

    Genia decides to internationalize, looking to Europe, France and South America as target markets.

  • 2011

    Genia obtains all the administrative licenses and tariff for the Saint Leger 11 MW project . Along with the Abraxa investment fund, Genia structures the investment vehicle, EPC and financing. It is successfully set up and connected in record time.

  • 2011

    GENIA GLOBAL ENERGY is selected in the business success awards, for the best Valencian company in the international strategy category.

  • 2012

    Genia diversifies in its commitment to other generation technologies and takes part in the development of 4 biogas projects that are in different administrative stages.

  • 2012

    Genia sets up a subsidiary in France: Genia Energies SAS, and signs an agreement with Citelum, a French group of companies, to develop projects in Ghana, Burkina Faso, and Zambia.

  • 2012

    Genia signs a deal with the American manufacturer for the distribution in Spain of Digital Lumens, an intelligent LED lighting product intended for great heights.

  • 2013

    Genia signs a deal with the American manufacturer for the distribution in Spain of Digital Lumens, an intelligent LED lighting product intended for great heights.

  • 2013

    The Genia Global Energy and Dabar Ingenieros partnership is launched.

  • 2014

    In Ukraine, Dabar Ingenieros completes the construction of the biggest biogas plant in Europe: 20 MWe with sugar plant waste.

  • 2014

    Genia deploys the intelligent lighting system Digital Lumens at IMPORTACO.


We work for the benefit of the environment.

We clearly support unlimited natural resources as an energy source, unlike other systems that will be increasingly replaced in the future for renewable energies due to their cost, environmental damage or scarcity.

It is our responsibility to promote energy savings and efficiency, to contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, taking into account the use of renewable energies as a key factor in our services and engineering solutions, and also with the distribution of high-technology products that enable companies’ energy savings to be maximized.

Furthermore, we collaborate in different social awareness projects regarding renewable energies. For example, in France, at the Saint Leger photovoltaic plant, we have installed a synoptic panel on renewable energies, we conduct guided tours and we meet schools from the area with different concerns.

We also collaborate in training programs (Teacher at the ENAE Business School in Murcia for the executive program in Photovoltaic Solar Energy Projects) and we have an agreement with the University of Valencia to receive interns and mentor their bachelor’s graduation project.


Please contact us if you have anything to share.


Genia’s employees are the company’s main asset, since they are essential for developing and accomplishing our strategic objectives.

85% of the company’s staff are high-level graduates, 70% of whom are Industrial Engineers.

We are committed to flexibility and speed in the decision-making process, so we try to establish organisational structures that are as clear and independent as possible.

Percentage of staff


Gabriel Butler 


Jose Ignacio Gonzalez Zuñiga

Jose Ignacio Gonzalez Zuñiga

Operations Manager

Luis Alberto Sebastián

Luis Alberto Sebastián 

Technical Director


Bernat Chuliá 

Commercial Director

ingeniero Industrial don Miguel Agapito Cornax

Miguel Agapito Cornax 

Senior Project Manager


Laura Palacián 

Project Manager


José Manuel Iranzo 

Project Manager

sonia ramon projec manager

Sonia Ramón 

Project Manager

raul carbonero

Raúl Carbonero Morales 

Project Development Manager


Débora Pamblanco 

Technical Designer

Pilar Garrido

Pilar Garrido

Technical Designer

Jose Cort Hurtado

Jose Cort Hurtado 

Technical Designer


Jorge Martínez 

Financial Manager

Vicent March Verdeguer

Vicent March Verdeguer

Administration manager


Erik Vidal 

Key Account Manager

Cristina Asensio

Cristina Asensio 

Key Account Manager

Enrique Pernia

Enrique Pernía 

Strategic Manager


Jose Antonio García 

Communication Manager

Cristina Pascual

Cristina Pascual

Technical Marketing Specialist


Carmen Espi 

Financial Controller

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