Solar Energy

The company manages the entire value chain of a photovoltaic solar energy project, the distinguishing factor in terms of quality, innovation and experience in all of our operations and services.

Project Development

  • Genia develops photovoltaic projects in different countries
  • When developing projects, Genia’s strategy is establish a local partnership network, with whom we have signed framework agreements in different areas.
  • Through these agreements, the local partner co-develops photovoltaic projects on behalf of Genia. The process is validated through a process of due diligence, legal approval, and technical feasibility.

If you need a partner to develop your photovoltaic project, please contact us to study the possibility of partnership.

PV Assets Investment

Genia has assets that it actively trades, which offer very attractive returns on investments (ROI) for the investors.

Genia maintains agreements with different types of clients interested in acquiring photovoltaic assets:

  • Investment funds
  • Private investors
  • Family offices
  • Private banking and financial institutions
  • Small private asset investment companies, etc.

EPC Turnkey Solutions


Genia collaborates with owners, promoters and investors in the development, construction and operation of electricity generation facilities using renewable sources.

A turnkey project integrates technical knowledge, technology, and the equipment necessary to carry out the best configuration and design for each plant.

These competitive advantages are:

  • Full service: Genia is the only interlocutor with the customer, therefore, guaranteeing the total quality of the project.
  • Genia is a consolidated company with extensive experience in the sector.
  • Knowledge of all the relevant equipment and components: Genia has agreements with top suppliers and exclusive distributions in order to meet all the required components of a plant.
  • Access to financing: Banking institutions trust Genia, facilitating access to financing for projects that require it.


Genia offers a comprehensive maintenance contract for clients after finalisation of the plant which includes:

  • Preventive maintenance
  • Operation of the plant to optimise performance
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