Apart from specializing in solar energy, bioenergy and energy service solutions, we supply highly efficient products to improve energy savings in companies and industrial warehouses.

iluminación industrial led

Digital Lumens is the most advanced Intelligent Lighting System in the world.

Digital Lumens provides an innovative approach, focused on industrial lighting with an intelligent, connected and energy-efficient LED solution. This system has been proven to cut energy consumption by up to 90 % in industrial facilities.

The Intelligent Lighting System from Digital Lumens provides a high quality light when necessary and cuts down on the use of kWh. LightRules management software provides the required flexibility to meet the unique needs of each plant, and delivers reports with key parameters (energy consumption, occupancy and savings as a result of use of sunlight) to perform a straightforward measurement and check.

The Digital Lumens Intelligent LED lighting system provides unprecedented levels of energy efficiency and, in turn, it increases the light levels, thanks to an intelligent lighting devices network. You can also have full control over the system.

Main features:

  • Intelligent lighting: Integrated LED, occupancy sensors and use of sunlight.
  • More reliable: 10 year warranty and no maintenance cost.
  • Wireless interconnection: lamps have a wireless connection between each other and with LightRules.
  • More efficient – Demonstrable savings:
  • Great light output.
  • Less voltage.
  • Lighting only when necessary.
  • Energy consumption savings of up to 90 %.
  • Continuous measurement and verification reports.
  • Lower annual operating costs.
  • Centralized management: LightRules lighting management software provides full control.

eTactica is an Advanced Energy Monitoring and Management System for biogas, waste recovery and biomass plants, energy audits, self-consumption photovoltaic and large photovoltaic farms.

  • It is the simplest and most economic way to manage and monitor the electric charge.
  • Suitable for planning maintenance and detecting failures.
  • You can save energy and, therefore, cut expenditure.
  • You can measure the energy cost of all of your production activity in a detailed and precise way.
  • You can draft detailed analyses and reports with the obtained data.
  • You can obtain a consumption and bill forecast.
  • eTactica is a solution that is unique in the world that enables a detailed measurement to be performed in each circuit, economically and fully scalable. With an easy installation and user-friendly interface, it achieves a return on investment of 1 or 2 years.

Advantages of the system:

  • Energy efficiency: very useful to trace where you need to undertake the improvements (increased savings).
  • Charge monitoring: to balance the electric charges, resulting in an increase in electric installation reliance and security.
  • Cost allocation: to detect the source of energy costs (increased profitability).

The intelligent software enables you to obtain a general vision of the total use and costs, to get customized reports by variations, placement, category, cabinets, etc. It also enables an in-depth analysis to be performed and customized warnings to be set.

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