Tuero biogas plant already produces 140% of its nominal production

[January 2020 ] – Energí

The municipality of Talayuela hosts the new mega-park for Encavis, developed by Solarcentury in collaboration with Genia Global Energy Solutions SL and Kompa Solaire Sasu, this project occupies around 820 hectares and has a 300MW connection, thus becoming the largest mega-park for the German company.

Tuero biogas plant already produces 140% of its nominal production

[April / May 2020 ] – Energí,

Nine months ago, the Tuero by-products plant was put into operation in Venta de Baños (Palencia). Since then, it has managed to increase the yield assigned to its original design. Read all of the information about our project here:

Solution to the ecological management of urban, agricultural, livestock or industrial organic waste in Mauritania

[March 2020] –, Revista FuturENERGY,, Energí

Development and construction of a pilot anaerobic biodigestion plant for organic waste for the production of biogas for research purposes in the capital of Mauritania. Collaboration with the Technological Institute of the Canary Islands and the Cobra GroupRead all of the information about our product here:

ValueWaste  – Inderen and Genia work on a plant that transforms waste into dietary proteins

[March – May 2020] – » Economía

The Valencian energy engineering companies Genia Global Energy and Inderen are working on the industrial test of a plant that transforms urban waste into methane gas, fertilisers and protein for animal and human consumption. The two Valencian companies complete the construction of two “pilot plants” in the city of Murcia and the Danish city of Kalundborg. Read all of the information about our project here:

Kaki waste and rice straw to power biogas plants in Valencia

[February 2020] – Energí

Kaki and rice straw waste from processing are some of the substrates that Genia Global will use to produce biogas in several plants that it has designed in the region of La Ribera, in the province of Valencia. Read all the information about our project to recover persimmon waste.

The race for a circular economy in the agri-food industry

[January 2020] – EFE AGRO

The circular economy is advancing in Spain, and EFE AGRO includes the projects developed in the agri-food sector that are aimed at waste revaluation. Since this sector does not want to be left behind in the race to lead the circular economy, this is a “win to win” concept, in which everything, even the smallest waste from crops or industry, can have added value that contributes to economic, environmental, and social sustainability.

EFE AGRO – See the full story

Symbolic placement of the “first stone” of the Talayuela Solar photovoltaic plant

[January 2020] Smartgridsinfo magazine – Energetica21 – Renewable Energy newspaper –

We participated in the commemorative planting of the first holm oak as the symbolic placement of the first stone at Talayuela Solar.

Kakis that leave the warehouse as waste will be used to generate biogas

[December 2019] – Levante, El Mercantil Valenciano

Genia Global Energy has signed an agreement with the Spanish Kaki Association association that brings together 45 exporters with their own production, presided by Pascual Prats ( to produce biogas with about 18,000 tons of fruit waste per campaign. This alternative avoids the cost of eliminating discarded fruit.

Smart lighting in a soft drink bottling plant in Barcelona

[October 2019] – FuturENERGY magazine

The renovation of the lighting system of the Coca-Cola European Partners plant in Barcelona by an efficient system by the Valencian energy engineering company Genia Global Energy with Osram-Digital Lumens technology is a benchmark in terms of smart lighting. The lighting renovation project, which began in 2017 and will end this year, is aimed at reducing energy consumption, with an annual savings of more than 3.5 million kWh/year.

Coca-Cola European Partners installs the largest industrial lighting system in Spain

[September 2019] – Interempresas

Developed by Genia Global Energy, the new lighting achieves important reductions in energy consumption and in the ecological footprint

Genia Global will develop a 186-million euro, 300 MW solar plant in Ayora

[July 2019] – Levante, El Mercantil Valenciano – The energy newspaper

The photovoltaic project will have a 400 Kv connection line and will occupy an area of 800 hectares – The work is scheduled to begin in 2021

Virtual visit of the efficient lighting renovation awarded at iEner’19

[July 2019] – magazine

In this virtual visit, you can see the lighting installation, as well as how it works while taking energy efficiency into account. Next, we present the descriptions of the rooms that can be visited in the animated virtual tour, which can be explored from different viewpoints:

Read it on the website

Coca-Cola European Partners’ Barcelona plant – “Best Energy Project of the Year”

Engineer Javier Cervera joins our team

[June 2019] – caloryfrio – interempresas – profesionaleshoy

Javier Cervera, telecommunications engineer and an expert in energy, joins our team to promote the area of biogas for mobility, industry and services from the position of Corporate Business Development and Institutional Relations.

EMV – The four masters of the sun

[June 2019 ] – Levante, El Mercantil Valenciano

The nuclear blackout, the obligation to reduce emissions and the drop in the price of photovoltaic panels has unleashed a race to install solar parks in the Valencian Community. Over the last two months, the Consell has received requests for power equivalent to that of Cofrentes.


Smart lighting: a Trojan horse approach towards introducing business intelligence

[May 2019] – Luminica magazine

Article by Bernat Chuliá: “Despite the benefits of business intelligence, the companies that get a return from their own data are still a minority. One strategy to start taking advantage of this… is to associate the BI system with a smart lighting system…”

Read it on the website

Full article in PDF

Industrial Lighting, from “facility” to business management tool

[May 2019] –

“Lighting’s main asset when playing a determining role lies in its elevated position and distribution throughout the entire area of buildings and industrial units. This position then allows the location of smart sensors capable of taking real-time data on factors directly related to lighting to improve its use and efficiency, such as occupation, light intensity or other aspects that help improve business management in real time, such as monitoring facilities and processes to detect needs for preventive maintenance in terms of machinery or traffic in the different available spaces, to avoid bottlenecks and even accidents.”

See the article: Industrial lighting, from “facility” to business management tool

Lighting energy savings: Project at the Coca-Cola European Partners bottling plant

[May 2019] – Digital Portal for Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

“The project to renovate the lighting, which began in 2017 and will end in 2019, is aimed at reducing energy consumption”, explains Ángel Oliva, Head of Quality Systems, Environment and Laboratory at the Barcelona plant. For information on the project, see: The largest smart IoT lighting installation in Spain

See the article: Lighting savings: the Coca-Cola European Partners’ project

Biogas in Spain

[April 2019] –

David Newman (president of the World Biogas Association) together with Gabriel Butler (Spanish representative of the WBA ), analyse the current state and reflect on the future opportunities of biogas in Spain.
“In Spain, there is a potential for gas production through anaerobic digestion of 26,684 GWh, enough to cover 40% of the demand of the country’s homes, according to a recent study commissioned by Naturgy, the largest natural gas distribution company in the country.”

See the article: Biogas in Spain

The production of renewable gas from rice straw

[March 2019] – – –

A project commissioned by Naturgy, through Nedgia, in which we are the engineering company responsible for studying the feasibility of producing renewable gas from rice straw. In addition to recovering energy from rice straw, this initiative would help to solve the environmental problem generated by rice crop waste, which would be applicable in other rice-producing areas such as Andalusia or the Ebro Delta.

Its high silica content prevents it from being used for animal feed. In addition, it has a lot of fiber and cellulose, making it difficult to cut and process before sending it the digester of the biogas plant just like any other vegetable.

See the articles:

Biogas for energy self-generation on dairy farms

[March 2019] –

Article written by Bernat Chuliá: “The livestock sector perceives manure management as a problem, but this waste is an opportunity to give farms greater energy independence and environmental sustainability.”

See the article: Is it possible to transform farm manure into energy?

Biogas plants for energy self-sufficiency on pig farms

[February 2019] –

Article written by Bernat Chuliá: “To make a biogas plant for self-generation profitable, it is very important that it be sized according to your needs.”

See the article: Biogas plants for energy self-sufficiency on pig farms

A solution to burning rice straw, turning it into fuel

[February 2019] –

Some of the figures cited: “The biogas plant designed by Genia Global Energy will have the capacity to treat 50,000 tons of rice straw per year and will generate more than 20,000 tons of quality compost in addition to more than 20 million cubic meters of natural gas.”

See the article: A solution to burning rice straw, turning it into fuel

Valle Solar, the largest photovoltaic plant in the Valencian Community

[February 2019] –

“The Valencian company Genia Global Energy is leading the project that will have an investment of 120 million and will supply more than 100,000 homes.”

See the article: Valle Solar, largest photovoltaic plant in the Valencian Community

Cogeneration from biogas for self-consumption is a profitable and sustainable option for industry

[February 2019] –

David Newman (president of the World Biogas Association) together with Gabriel Butler (Spanish representative of the WBA), analyse the current state and reflect on the future opportunities of biogas in Spain.
“In Spain there is a potential for gas production through anaerobic digestion of 26,684 GWh, enough to cover 40% of the demand of the country’s homes, according to a recent study commissioned by Naturgy, the largest natural gas distribution company in the country.”

See the article: Biogas in Spain

Biogas project for Qila Energy in Evercreech (United Kingdom) will have a greater impact

[January 2019] – Energí

“The facility is designed to treat 35,300 tons of agricultural waste and 50,500 tons of food industry waste in its five biodigestors, for a total of 85,800 tons per year.”

The plant has already passed the design phase and construction is expected to begin in early 2019.

See the article: Genia’s biogas settles in Ukraine and grows towards the United Kingdom

Analising the potential of biogas in Spain

[December 2018] – –

David Newman, president of the World Biogas Association, together with Gabriel Butler, as Spanish representative of the WBA,  review the current state and reflect on the future opportunities for biogas in Spain.

See the article in English: Fulfiling the Potential of Biogas in Spain
See the article in French: Réaliser le potentiel du biogaz en Espagne

Genia Global Energy designs one of the largest biogas plants in the United Kingdom

[December 2018] –

Genia Global Energy was the company selected by Qila Energy (financing, construction and operation of biomethane plants for injection into the network, with 27 plants under contract in the United Kingdom) to design, develop and build one of the largest biogas plants in the United Kingdom, in Evercreech, in the southeast part of the island.

The plant has now passed the design phase and, according to plans and specifications, construction is expected to begin in early 2019.

See the article: Genia Global Energy designs one of the largest biogas plants in the United Kingdom

The Commonwealth of Municipalities is studying alternatives to the current rubbish treatment system

[December 2018 ] – Faro de Vigo

The Commonwealth of Municipalities is studying a proposal to convert organic solid waste into energy. Representatives from Cangas, Moaña and Bueu met with Genia Energy, to conduct a technical and feasibility study for a biogas plant in the A Portela complex.
“Converting organic matter and the waste fraction of municipal solid waste is economically profitable and gives the environment a break. It is the starting point on which the Genia Global Energy company is based.”

See the article: The Commonwealth of Municipalities is studying a proposal to convert solid organic waste into biogas

Green energy with waste- Levante EMV

[November 2018] – Article published in Levante EMV

“The Valencian company Genia Global Energy, specialised in the development of renewable energy solutions, has patented a small biogas plant that transforms waste from industries and farms, converting them into electricity and gas. The plants are assembled in twenty or forty-feet tanks (between 6 and 12 meters long) and reproduce the operation of large biogas plants (occupying 10,000 square meters) on a small scale The first plant sold the smoke to a cow farm owned by the largest milk producer in Palestine. The Palestinian plant runs on cattle manure and straw and green waste. Genia’s plants (a technology with the trade name of Small Biogas Technology) allow their owners to reduce their electricity bill by 69,000 euros a year AND the gas bill by 10,000 euros, according to the company’s founder Gabriel Butler. Genia Global, based in Valencia, invoices more than one million euros a year and employs 21 people.

Biogas is a mixture of different gases produced by the degradation of organic matter in the absence of oxygen. Genia’s mini plants are equipped with a tank (digester) in which the fermentation takes place, generated from materials such as urban waste, rejects from the agri-food industry or sludge. Factories and farms can use the biogas from the mini-plant in an engine to generate electricity or in a boiler to produce heat. In addition, after fermentation, a liquid is generated that can be used as fertiliser. Butler said, “With the technology we developed, we are able to help factories and farms dispose of the waste they generate without having to pay, and to produce energy for their own consumption. Our plants cost around 550,000 euros and pay for themselves in 3-6 years,”. Genia manages the installation of 65 plants of this type. “Our potential customers are brewers, juice and canning plants, bread factories, slaughterhouses, dairy companies and treatment plants that generate a large amount of sludge. Our technology has been approved and banks are interested in financing the plants. We also have an agreement with an energy company, which facilitates the installation”, he pointed out.

Las Provincias Genia desarrolla una de las mayores plantas de biogas del Reino Unido

Las Provincias talks about how Genia Global will face the start of 2019 with major projects

[November 2018] – Article published in Las Provincias
The engineering company foresees construction of the Qila Energy plant will start at the beginning of 2019 and will involve an investment of close to 12 million euros.

See the article: “The Valencian company Genia is developing one of the largest biogas plants in the United Kingdom”

La valenciana Genia Global Energy desarrolla la segunda mayor planta de biogás en Europa

Valencia Plaza discusses Genia’s bioenergy and energy efficiency projects

[October 2018] – The digital newspaper Valencia Plaza has published an article on its website which includes our most relevant projects, positioning us as benchmarks in bioenergy, industrial IoT smart lighting and energy efficiency.

See the article on the website: “The Valencian company Genia Global Energy develops the second largest biogas plant in Europe”

Talayuela Solar

[2017 – 2018] » See all of the information on the Talayuela Solar project.

Obtaining value from waste by transforming cost into profit

[September 2018] – Interview with Gabriel at Datagora about the economic and environmental benefits of Biogas. He addresses the problem of using fossil fuels for power generation…“While biogas, an ecologically and economically feasible but largely unknown source of renewable energy, struggles to make its way.”

See the article on the website: How to obtain value from organic waste, transforming cost into economic profit

“Energy efficiency to fulfil sustainability commitments” at Coca-Cola

[July 2018] – Coca-Cola European Partners Iberia has implemented a series of projects to improve its processes and facilities aimed at reducing energy consumption. Here you can see all the information about the project: The largest IoT smart lighting system in Spain

See the article in Rojo y en Botella, the Coca Cola European Partners’ blog:

The big impact of alternative waste management in Palma de Mallorca

[June 2018] – Genia Global Energy and Inderen’s study of “Technological alternatives to the current management of municipal waste in Palma”, commissioned by EMAYA, concludes that organic matter and the rejected waste fraction is economically profitable and environmentally sustainable. You can see all the information about the project here: Study for the energy assessment of rubbish in Palma de Mallorca

Vaca Pinta magazine: Biogas, the sustainable technology

[May 2018] – Vaca Pinta magazine talks about Biogas’ sustainable technology, this time from the dairy sector. The magazine Vaca Pinta opens with the article, “Biogas, the sustainable technology that turns manure into money“, in the opinion section, which discusses all the technical and economical aspects of this circular economy solution.

Read: Biogas, the sustainable technology that turns manure into money, Vaca Pinta magazine

Alimentaria magazine discusses our Ultra-energy efficiency

[May 2018] – Alimentaria magazine presents the Ultra-energy efficiency of our lighting systems in the food industry. Efficiency that has achieved savings that, at times, far exceed 90%, thanks to the Internet of Things and business intelligence. A Smart Lighting System that uses led luminaries with multiple sensors, connected to each other and to a central control; lights that only use the necessary energy at all times. The article mentioned our Bodegas Murviedro success story

Read: Alimentaria magazine Nº493, May 2018 explains how biogas is key for a circular economy

[May 2018] – In an article recently published in EFE Agro, we explained the importance of our Small Biogas project in the circular economy for the livestock industry. In summary:

This initiative related to the agri-food sector aims to build small plants attached to the farms to produce gas from manure and transform it into electricity or heat for self-consumption on the farm.

Read: Biogas, key to promoting the circular economy in the livestock industry

Interview with Gabriel Butler, Founding Parter and CEO of Genia Global Energy

[2017] – An industrial engineer with a Masters in Automation, Electronics and Energy from the Université Pierre et Marie Curie in Paris, in 2007, he was given the award for best Business Management by the Valencia City Council. He has a registered patent and founded his first company at the age of 26. In 2010, he created Genia Global Energy together with a family office, with led to international expansion in Europe and Latin America with innovative solutions for renewable energy generation and efficiency.

Read the full interview in PDFRead the complete interview on the website

Genia instala un parque solar de 30 millones de euros en Francia

Genia installs a 30 million euro solar park in France

[2012] – A Valencian SME, Genia Global Energy, has carried out the installation of one of the largest photovoltaic solar plants in France. The company, created by four partners in 2010, has developed an 11 MW power plant and 40,000 panels with an investment of 30 million euros.

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