Energy Solutions

We are experts in the detection and deployment of energy efficiency solutions. All our kits include:

  • Detection of the action
  • Prior monitoring
  • Calculation and feasibility
  • Installation
  • Follow-up
  • Final reports

Intelligent lighting kit – Digital Lumens


The state-of-the-art systems Digital Lumens, global leaders in industrial intelligent LED lighting systems, enable savings in energy consumption of up to 90 % compared with traditional lighting alternatives, and come with a 10 year warranty.

The quality of the Digital Lumens system is backed by more than 1000 customers from more than 35 countries around the world.

The success of the Digital Lumens intelligent lighting kit is due to the ease of installation, implementation, setting and its powerful and user-friendly software, that optimizes the energy efficiency with no maintenance cost. It is also a flexible system that can be reset as many times as you like, identifying new areas in which you may make savings and adjusting the profiles based on seasonal changes.

Frequency inverters kit

The regulation of rotating machinery that works in continuous mode, adjusting the operation to real demand, can generate great savings, since power is inversely proportional to the cube of the machine revolutions. Returns on investment under a year can be reached, depending on the case.

Some common applications are:

  • Extraction control
  • Ventilation control
  • Water-propelled networks control
  • Compressors control in compressed air systems
  • Vacuum pump control

High efficiency engines kit


High efficiency electric engines can consume up to 30 % less than traditional engines. In some operating conditions, replacing a traditional engine with a high efficiency engine can result in a return on investment between one and two years.

Regenerative energy systems kit

Regenerative systems in electric braking systems improve the quality of energy and collect the regenerative energy from the elevator to transform it into electricity, which can then be used in other areas of the plant. They can generate savings of up to 40 %.


Thermal generation kit


In most cases, by changing the fuel used in the thermal power generator (to thermal solar, biomass, biogas, use of residual energy from other processes, etc.), the generator dimensions or efficiency may entail a significant reduction in the economic impact of the plant, resulting in increased competitiveness.

Heat recovery kit

The residual energy of an industrial process can be used by other processes with less entropy. The use of these flows can have a huge economic impact in terms of fuel saving.

Some common applications are:

  • Heat recovery from hot water that gets dumped
  • Heat recovery from exhaust gases
  • Heat recovery from compressors

Climate efficiency kit


In most cases, consumption resulting from the temperature control or HVAC system represents a significant part of the plant’s consumption expenses. Optimizing energy consumption can result in significant savings.

Efficiency measures to take into account:

  • Analysis of the generator system’s suitability
  • Analysis and potential improvements to the climate control system
  • Heat air exchangers

Free-cooling kit

Although this kit could be integrated into the climate efficiency kit, it is significant enough to be independent. Many temperature control or HVAC systems in large factories do not have free-cooling recovery in place. By using an automated system for air extraction, as well as a change in the climate control, the investment can be returned in a very short period of time.


Compressed air efficiency kit


The cost of compressed air is generally hidden in the electricity bill. An inefficient compressed air installation means that only 50 % of generated air is used by the real demand of the installed machines, 10 % is used in different inappropriate applications (personal cooling and ventilation, drying, cleaning, transport, removal, etc.), 10 % to 15 % is used in covering the plant’s artificial demand and from 25 % to 30 % is lost in leaks.

Things to take into account:

  • System leaks
  • Analysis of the efficiency of the air generator system (use of inverters, etc.)
  • Pressure set points, etc.

Bill optimization kit

By carrying out a detailed analysis of the utility bill, some action may be carried out that may result in remarkable savings.

These include, among others:

  • Reactive energy analysis
  • Contracted power optimization
  • Tariff optimization and consumption flexibility adapted to the required periods
  • Negotiation of new fees with the electric companies or brokers

Electric quality kit


Finding harmonics in a company’s grid may cause, in the short or long run, hard-to-detect problems and they can provoke a huge impact in the machinery maintenance, as well as in consumption. Using harmonic filters can solve the above-mentioned problems and, as an additional advantage, the investment can be recovered through the energy savings alone.

Dynamic voltage stabilizer kit

Even though it is not a well-known concept in industry, having the ability to stabilize the voltage to a certain value can result in interesting advantages, including:

  • Intensity reduction:It is common for voltage at the head of the installation to be higher than required. Adjusting the voltage to a set and fixed value enables less intensity to be run through all resistive elements (including wires).
  • Harmonic reduction:Even if the voltage stabilizer is not a filter, it may attenuate some frequencies, as it is composed of coils and placed in series.
  • Voltage peaks reduction:By stabilizing the voltage, current peaks are also stabilized and significantly reduced.
  • Although all these advantages separately do not bring huge savings, together they may represent between 6 % and 12 % of the plant’s total consumption.
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