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This manual is a tool to spread the sustainable use of renewable energy for self-sufficiency.


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The organic energy for the circular economy.

The energy

that changes the world…

Solar Energy

… is the unlimited energy we get from the sun, which we promote through innovative technologies that make us more efficient: Spot market photovoltaic solar energy and the use of renewable energies for self-consumption.

Bio Energy

… cannot be destroyed, it is transformed. To do this, we apply high technology to transform waste into energy: Smallbiogas, biogas, bio-refinery, biogas upgrading or Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) form part of our technology know-how.

The energy

of nature…

An ocean of possibilities…

Energy Solution

… for energy optimization and management. These include, among others, audits, analysis, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data applied to energy management.


… to offer you the latest in cutting-edge technology. We are exclusive distributors of Digital Lumens intelligent LED lighting systems, and eTactica electricity measurement devices.

We reach

the highest peaks…